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9 Amazing Powers of Pineapple Powder

Pineapple is considered “the third most important tropical fruit in the world” (x). Of course. Who wouldn’t enjoy a cool, sweet, juicy slice of awesomeness? The short, herbaceous shrub with its sword-like leaves is scientifically called Ananas comosus, and belongs to the bromeliaceae family of plants. You may know them as “the bromelains.” The fruit has so many significant nutrients, it’s increasingly being made into supplements, including pineapple powders.

The plant is native to southwestern Brazil and eastern Paraguay. It was transported throughout the Americas by indigenous peoples and early European explorers. Hawaii is the largest producer of pineapples in the United States (x), (x). Worldwide the fruit is cultivated in Nigeria, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Mexico and naturally, South America (x), (x)

Pineapple Fruit

Pineapple is a biennial plant, meaning it bears fruit about every two years. Smaller fruits or berries fuse into one large pine cone-shaped fruit with the stem at its core. The skin or rind is rough, thick, waxy and yellow-orange with maybe a hint of red. The color of its succulent, fibrous flesh ranges from white to yellow (x).

What are the Uses of Pineapple?

How is pineapple used? It is juiced, sliced, dehydrated/ dried, pickled and canned for commercial use. It’s also an ingredient in lots of food items, including wine, preserves, jams, candy, yogurt, cakes, pastries and pizza (x). The nutrients make it a beneficial food for those concerned with health and healthy eating (x), (x). Supplements may be listed as pineapple powder, pineapple juice powder, pineapple powder fruit extract, organic pineapple powder, pineapple protein powder and pineapple enzyme powder, but they’re mostly the same. Organic pineapple powder is non-GMO and free of additives, preservatives, artificial colors, flavors and fillers. Pineapple enzyme/ protein powder can be solely bromelain

What are the Nutrients in Pineapple Powder?

The pineapple fruit and stem are loaded with nutrients that are transported to supplements. The production process is designed to preserve them (x). Pineapple powder or pineapple extract powder is abundant in dietary fiber, vitamins B1, B6 and C, minerals manganese, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium, antioxidant phytonutrients like beta carotene and beneficial enzymes including bromelain. There are some vitamin A, B2, B5 and B9 or folate (x). It is also low in calories and have zero fat (x), (x), (x)


What is bromelain? The aforementioned beneficial enzymes are collectively called bromelain. They’re proteolytic and found mainly in the pineapple stem. Proteolytic means they can break long polypeptide chains of amino acids/ proteins into shorter chains called peptides (x). As mentioned, bromelain could be isolated and sold as a separate extract. Research though limited, suggests that many of the potential health benefits in pineapple are due to these enzymes (x). By the way, you may be familiar with bromelain as a meat tenderizer.

What are the Health Benefits of Pineapple Powder?

What is pineapple powder good for? The pineapple fruit has been used in traditional medicine to trigger menstruation, induce early labor and to rid the body of worms and parasites (x). Considering the potential benefits of the powder extract today, research suggest that the nutrients and enzymes may treat, prevent or promote a number of conditions (x), including:  

  • Digestion
  • Inflammatory issues
  • Diuretic effects
  • Immunity
  • Heart health
  • Cancer
  • Macular degeneration
  • Healthy skin
  • Muscle mass and function
  • Fertility 

No medical evidence supports pineapple powder or any pineapple powder extract’s ability to treat or cure diseases. Always consult your healthcare provider for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements. 


We’ve learned that bromelain enzymes break down long chain protein molecules into smaller chains. Studies show that this makes digestion and absorption easier, and speeds up metabolism (x). It may also decrease gut inflammation, which could benefit individuals who suffer from ailments such as Crohn’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and inhibit harmful effects of bacteria like E. coli (x), (x)

Anti-inflammatory Agent

Several studies on the consumption of pineapple juice reveal the possibility of additional anti-inflammatory effects. So, pineapple juice powder may also reduce inflammation and pain due to trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and surgery (x), (x)

Diuretic Effects

Like the pineapple itself, pineapple powder or pineapple powder fruit extract may eliminate toxins from our body via urine. This could help individuals with kidney, bladder and prostate issues (x), (x). The dietary fiber may promote regular bowel movements (x)


Pineapple powder may help our immune system function better, according to research observations, because of its cartload of antioxidants vitamin C, beta carotene and the bromelain enzymes. We know that vitamin C and the flavonoid protect our cells from free radical damage and build or stimulate our immunity (x), (x). Bromelain also seems able to quicken recovery from sinus infections and pulmonary issues such as asthma and bronchitis (x), (x).

Heart Health

Though more research is needed on human subjects for a decisive conclusion, studies suggest that the bromelain in pineapple juice (and pineapple juice powder) may lower blood pressure levels and act as a natural blood thinner, preventing blood clots. This has the potential to benefit patients with cardiovascular diseases (x). The high potassium may also help because of possible hypertension-reducing qualities (x).


A handful of research studies show bromelain to be an excellent fighter against a number of cancers, including gastrointestinal, colon, ovarian and skin (x), (x), (x), (x), (x). The antioxidant beta-carotene seems to help in this arena as well (x).

Macular Degeneration

Research results imply that the vitamin C in pineapple, pineapple juice, and therefore pineapple powder, may decrease the risk of cataracts by increasing the vitamin C in the fluid in our eyes (x). Also, our bodies use beta carotene to help make vitamin A, which is necessary for good vision (x).

Healthy Skin

How does pineapple powder extract increase skin health? Remember pineapple contains a rich supply of antioxidants beta carotene and vitamin C. Both show ability to help wounds heal (by inducing collagen production), prevent skin damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and other environmental pollutants, and to help maintain the skin’s overall appearance. They also slow wrinkles and other signs of aging (x), (x).

Muscle Mass and Function

The bromelain proteases may help increase muscle mass. Smaller chains of amino acids get into the bloodstream and reach the muscles faster. This helps athletes like body builders recover quicker from strenuous workouts. It may also help them build muscle mass (x), (x). In addition, the amount of potassium in pineapple protein powder is enough to affect muscle function by helping the body maintain fluid balance. This is necessary for muscle contraction (x).


Studies suggest that B-vitamins, vitamin C and potassium may stimulate reproductive hormones in both women and men. Keep in mind, there could also be adverse effects (x).

How to Use Pineapple Powder

How to take pineapple powder? Based on a 2, 000 calorie diet, 500 mg (milligrams or 1/5 tsp) of pineapple powder can be taken once or twice a day or as directed by your physician. The daily value is not established (x). There is no medical evidence to support the supplement’s ability to treat or cure diseases. Always consult your healthcare provider for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements. 

Possible Side Effects of Pineapple Powder 

Consuming pineapple powder/ pineapple powder fruit extract or pineapple enzyme powder is generally safe, but as with any other supplement, there may be side effects. Individuals who are allergic to latex for instance, could be allergic to bromelain (x). Symptoms include nausea, stomach pain and discomfort, skin rashes, swollen or inflamed tongue and lips (x).

Warnings & Safety Precautions (x)

  • Pineapple powder may interfere with medications to prevent blood clots. Evidence suggests it’s a blood thinner, so it could increase the risk of bleeding or bruising.
  • In lieu of the aforementioned risks, you should stop taking it at least two weeks prior to surgery. It should definitely not be consumed after surgery.
  • Bromelain may increase the absorption and effects of certain antibiotics.
  • Pregnant women should avoid taking this supplement because abortion could be induced.

Again, always consult your healthcare provider for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements. 

Where to Buy Pineapple Powder

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Bottom Line

Pineapple powder, whether sold as pineapple juice powder, pineapple extract powder, pineapple powder fruit extract or the bromelain-only pineapple enzyme powder, contains a multitude of powerful nutrients and enzymes: vitamin C, potassium, beta carotene and bromelain included, which, according to research, may prevent or treat certain health conditions and contribute to our overall superb health. However, keep in mind the possible side effects, and consult your healthcare provider for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements.

Author: James D