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8 Impressive Health Benefits of Strawberry Powder

What are Strawberries?

The first recorded existence of strawberries goes back to at least 2,200 years ago when the red berries grew in parts of Italy and France around 234 B.C. It wasn’t until the Renaissance in Europe when the cultivation of strawberries started as a commodity.

The word strawberry derives from the Old English word streawberige due to the plant sending out runners that look similar to straw. But others may contend the fruit gets its name from the mulching straw piled around the plants as protection from rodents and pests.

With that, the sweet-tasting fruit is native to North America, where the Native American Indians cultivated the berries for many dishes. The American colonists even shipped the strawberries back to their origin in Europe around the 1600s. Because the strawberries were abundant in the wilds of American, the early settlers saw no reason to cultivate the tangy fruit.

At the beginning of the 19th century, strawberries and cream became a luxury dessert, and its fruit cultivation began. The fruit production started in several states across the U.S., ending up with 75 – 83 percent of the crops coming from California. (x)

The species name is Fragaria ananassa, and the strawberry is a part of the rose family with over 20 varieties. But the most popular type is the hybrid of uniting the Virginia strawberry of North America and a Chilean strain, which is grown in most gardens today. (x)

Whether you like your strawberries fresh, as a preserve or in ice cream, the fruit is one of the most nutrient-dense foods available today. They are so nutritious that you might want to consider adding the strawberry powder to your diet to improve your overall health. But, make sure you see a doctor for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements.

 What are the Benefits of Having Strawberries in Your Diet? 

Strawberries are notable for having anti-inflammatory elements based on the antioxidant quality of the fruit, and they contain anti-aging flavonoid antioxidants. These are disease-fighting compounds called anthocyanin and catechin, as well as several other compounds for lowering your risk of chronic diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and cancer. (x)

The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reviewed the overall nutritional and non-nutritional bioactive compounds relating to the strawberry and indicated its health-promoting and disease prevention qualities. (x)

The fruit is relatively low in calories and is low in sugar with a suitable amount of fiber. It is rich in vitamin C, contains manganese, folate, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals. However, the strawberry’s most notable aspect is its fight against the harmful free radicals in the body.

Free radicals are dangerous because they oxidize within the system, causing substantial inflammation in the body that causes disease. Antioxidants fight against these harmful elements, which strawberries contain. Thus, berries offer other health benefits, including reversing skin damage, neurological health, eye health and decreasing arthritic pain. (x)

What are the Uses of Strawberries? 

How are strawberries used? The tangy fruit is dehydrated or dried, sliced, juiced, pickled and preserved as a jam. The berries are ingredients for many foods like candy, cakes, pastries, yogurts, beer and wine. You can also find strawberry powder, a condensed version of the fruit, to encapsulate the nutrient-dense fruit. Strawberry powder supplement may boost your health to a whole new level.

You can find the supplement in other powders like protein powder, freeze-dried powder, whey protein powder, milk powder, vegan protein powder, and organic powder. Organic strawberry powder is one of the most beneficial forms of strawberries. The powder’s biological properties mean no chemical sprays, additives, artificial colors, fillers, and flavors. The organic powder is, of course, non-GMO. (x)

What are the Health Benefits of Strawberry Powder?

Because the strawberry powder is a condensed version of the fruit, the nutritional properties benefit your body even more. The supplement fights free radicals, rejuvenates skin, prevents heart disease and cancer, supports the central nervous system, aids in detoxification and helps maintain a healthy pregnancy. (x) With that, here is an extended look at the benefits of taking the strawberry powder and remember to consult with your doctor before considering any new supplement.

Full of Antioxidants

Based on substantial studies, strawberries are a rich source of many antioxidants. (x) Antioxidants fight to keep your body healthy by eliminating free radicals that cause inflammation that leads to chronic disease. Antioxidants give electrons to the volatile free radicals that are without electrons, so the free radicals will not take the electrons from the healthy cells, which destroys your good cells. With the increase of antioxidants, the existence of oxidative stress in your body slows down, impeding the aging progress and formation of most diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, neurological disorders and diabetes.

Shields Against Heart Disease

With the strawberry powder filled with antioxidants, what happens when you take the supplement every day? As mentioned earlier, taking the supplement will fight the oxidation process happening in your body. This is crucial as a prevention against heart disease since the oxidation increases the chance of undergoing a stroke, heart attack or other types of coronary heart disease.

The fruit’s antioxidants assist in lowering the chances of cardiovascular disease as an inhibitor of bad LDL—cholesterol oxidation (x), enhancing blood vessel performance and blood pressure, by reducing lipid oxidation and plaque buildup within the arteries. (x) This will result in a decrease of the dangerous blood clots forming within the blood vessels, known as thrombosis.

A study conducted on adults with hyperlipidemia, hardening or narrowing of the arteries, indicated strawberry supplementation lowered the oxidative damage to LDL and supported the lessening of blood lipids and gave participants the ability to taste food better. (x) Another study administered strawberry extract to obese participants, which lowered their bodies’ inflammatory activity, which is one of the main reasons for heart diseases. (x)

Further research supports adding strawberries to the diet in general as a possible solution to the prevention and reversion of heart disease. It makes an overall healthy diet more sustainable and palpable.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Both strawberries and blueberries play a role in fighting against cancer. Research indicates strawberry supplements block the beginning of cancer formation and carcinogenesis and suppress the proliferation and progression of cancer tumors.

A study proved that strawberry extracted inhibited cancer growth based on two groups of people who had liver cancer. One group consumed strawberry extract, which contains anthocyanin antioxidants. The other group did not take the extract. The group that took the extract noticed a significant improvement in inhibiting the cancer growth compared to the group that received no extract. (x) The fruit is also associated with a lower risk of skin cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.

Prevents Skin Damage

Various internal and external elements influence the skin as you age. Due to poor diet, environmental toxins, and sun exposure, your skin undergoes premature aging and inflammation, which may indicate immune dysfunction, including acne and similar skin disorders. Researchers confirm the correlation between skin health and nutrient-dense food consumption.

Certain foods are more optimum for the skin than other foods, such as foods high in antioxidants—strawberries. The berries also contain vitamin A and C, which help improve skin properties (x), such as lowering the levels of wrinkles and discoloration, decreasing the risk of skin cancer while enhancing and maintaining elasticity.

One of the most significant benefits of strawberry powder is high levels of vitamin C, which prevents premature aging from ultraviolet light and remedies a variety of inflammation rashes. (x)

High in Fiber and Helps in Detoxification

Strawberries assist in detoxing the body by restoring the digestive tract, supporting digestive regularity and offering anti-inflammatory antioxidants. The high content of vitamin A and vitamin C helps as well since these two vitamins are necessary for the progress of any detoxification of your body.

The fruit also contains soluble and insoluble fiber, which also helps in the elimination of toxins. The high concentration of antioxidants in strawberries also plays an essential role in your body’s detoxification. It does so by neutralizing and eliminating toxins that would otherwise create excessive inflammation, free radical damage and digestive disorders. (x)

As a high-fiber food, the fruit helps the digestive system by counteracting constipation, lowering inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and balancing the pH level of the digestive tract. The scientific community supports a high-fiber diet because those on such a diet have a low glycemic index and may be less likely to develop diabetes. (x)

Benefits Central Nervous System and Inhibits Neurodegenerative Diseases

Like other berries, strawberries are high in flavonoids, particularly anthocyanidins that support cognitive behavior in scientific studies.

The Annals of Neurology published a study where teams evaluated the long-term consumption of berries and flavonoids associated with decreasing the rate of cognitive decline in mature adults. The findings indicated a positive connection between higher berry intake and a decrease in the rate of oxidation damage to the brain.

Based on these findings, health care professionals suggest that people add berries to their diets whenever possible. Adding them to your diet will fight against oxidative stress, including inflammation of the brain and diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia(x)

Contains Manganese

One serving of strawberries provides 28 percent of the recommended daily allowance of manganese. The component helps support your nervous system, including the prevention of neurological disorders and overall brain health. Based on scientific studies, the benefits include the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. The high supply of manganese in strawberries is a substantial benefit for men because the mineral helps support connective tissues and the formation of bones while maintaining reproductive sex hormones and healthy blood-clotting. (x)

Helps Support Healthy Pregnancy

Taking strawberry powder while pregnant may improve your overall health during the pregnancy because the fruit is a good source of vitamin B9 called folate, also known as folic acid. Folate supports tissue growth and cell function. Taking the correct amount of folate before and during your pregnancy helps prevent specific, including congenital disabilities spina bifida, while also helping to prevent anemia(x)

How to Use Strawberry Powder?

How do you take strawberry powder? Based on a 2,000-calorie diet, the recommended dosage is 5 grams or 2 teaspoons once daily or as directed by your doctor. Always consult your doctor for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements. Some people take the strawberry powder in their smoothies or as an additive to their morning cereal.

Possible Side Effects of Strawberry Powder

Can you have too much strawberry powder? The only problem with consuming too much strawberry powder or strawberries is bloating or indigestion. There are allergy issues for those who are allergic to histamine and fruits and berries. 

Such allergy reactions could be itching within the mouth area, inflammation of the skin and digestive issues such as vomiting or diarrhea. As mentioned earlier, histamine can trigger mild to strong health concerns, including itching, hives and wheezing. If you feel you are allergic to strawberries, discuss it with your doctor and get tested. 

Where to Buy Strawberry Powder

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Bottom Line

Strawberry powder is a condensed version of the fruit as a dense supplement, high in nutrition. Strawberry powder as a supplement may enhance your health to a whole new level. You can find the supplement as a strawberry protein powder, freeze-dried strawberry powder, whey strawberry protein powder, strawberry milk powder, vegan strawberry protein powder and organic strawberry powder.

The powder is notable for having anti-inflammatory antioxidants that contain anti-aging flavonoid antioxidants and disease. They are fighting compounds called anthocyanin and catechin, as well as other compounds for lowering your risk of chronic diseases like metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

The strawberry powder is rich in vitamin C, contains potassium, manganese, folate, and other vitamins and minerals. Yet, the most significant aspect of the strawberry is its combat against the harmful free radicals in the body. Consequently, strawberries offer other health benefits like reversing skin damage, eye health, neurological health and decreasing arthritic pain.

The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Author: James D