Garlic Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

What is Garlic Extract?

With an impressive array of treatments, garlic extract continues to be one of the most helpful and natural supplements on the market. While ancient applications have benefited from this miracle worker, modern science has also been fast at work, determining its exact ramifications and uses. (x)

From immune health to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, garlic extract is worth its weight in gold. Typically growing in more mild climates, this short bulbous plant comes in various forms to reap its effects. As far back as ancient Egypt, garlic helped medicinally and as a stamina agent for those performing athletic activities. Almost every culture in the world uses garlic in some fashion to provide lasting health benefits and cures.

Modern times have reaped the convenience of direct and distilled utilization of this herb. With powdered supplements on the market, it is easier than ever to get the immune support and remedies garlic offers. In the powder form, many of the side effects are minimal. The potent odor of garlic that lingers for hours afterward is also minute. Easily dissolvable in water, the powdered garlic supplement encapsulates the entire gamut of health benefits garlic offers.

History of Garlic

The ancient Indian and Chinese medicine prescribed garlic to treat respiration and digestion health concerns. They also recommended garlic to treat leprosy and parasitic infestations. The Greeks fed it to their athletes to increase their stamina. Then, during the medieval period, garlic played an essential role in treating different diseases, such as arthritis, toothache, chronic cough, constipation, gynecologic, insect and snake bites. The Renaissance era supported the use of garlic throughout Europe. (x)

In the 1800s, the peasants of Transylvania, Romania, used the “white” magic as a medicinal plant. They ate garlic to ward off various diseases and the common cold. Because they knew garlic was potent and known for their folklore, they used garlic to ward off vampires by hanging wreaths over their front doors. They rubbed it on their farm animals, knowing vampires drink all kinds of blood. How did they identify a vampire? Any person who did not eat garlic or shows a distinct dislike towards garlic is suspect. (x)

Modern medicine in some Western regions supports the use of garlic and its preparations for maintaining good health, ranking it with their leading prescription drugs. Based on scientific evidence proves its therapeutic and preventive roles in your health. (x)

Garlic Extract Benefits

The traditional popularity and widespread usage of this supplement show how beneficial garlic is to you and others. Some benefits include:

  1. Immune Support

Garlic builds up your immune system. One of the primary and traditional benefits for you is maintaining your health. (x) With its natural anti-oxidative and free-radical limiting effect, garlic helps create an environment that supports your body’s immune responses and healthy DNA.

It might be one of the leading uses of garlic in modern times. Those who use garlic regularly get sick less and bounce back faster from common colds. (x)

  1. Garlic Extract and Blood Pressure

Clinical studies have shown that garlic preparations also contribute to the reduction of risks for developing cardiovascular disease (x). Among the benefits associated with these studies are lowering blood pressure levels and the deterrence of atherosclerosis.

During animal studies of garlic ingestion, systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels decreased. It makes garlic extract not only a great way to treat hypertension but an even better way to prevent it before it starts.

If a daily supplement of garlic can stave off the onset of hypertension, the face of modern medicine and our economy would take a dramatic shift. As one of the leading causes of medical visits and gateways to cardiovascular disease, hypertension is a current epidemic that could benefit from this simple remedy.

  1. Cholesterol

In similar studies, animal testing revealed that serum cholesterol levels could subside with a garlic extract. Some animal studies have even shown up to a 50 percent decrease in atheromatous lesions. With human subjects, both serum cholesterol levels and triglyceride also dramatically decreased. (x)

Impressively, scientists have concluded that garlic is an excellent alternative to traditional cholesterol-lowering medications because of its modest rate of adverse side effects. Many physicians recommend this alternative approach to the more costly pharmaceuticals that people often used to treat this condition.

  1. Anti-Tumor Results

One of the more impressive garlic results in clinical trials has been its ability to reduce tumors’ growth rate — a treatment for centuries in this capacity. Even in patients whose tumors have already enlarged, garlic can have a positive effect in reducing them. When used with radiation and chemotherapy, garlic can assist and rebuild healthy neighboring cells. It makes a recovery faster and more complete than traditional hospital treatments.

The allyl sulfide derivatives in garlic handle this and work to battle cancer-causing agents. (x) Ultimately, garlic extract can block and inhibit the growth rate of cancer cells. The Designer Food Program drafted by the National Cancer Institute marked garlic as the most important food to prevent cancer.

Though there is no known cure for cancer yet, experts agree that prevention is one of the most critical steps in combating the disease. The daily ingestion of this simple extract could have revolutionary breakthroughs in the prevention of this disease.

  1. Reduces Diabetes

Though additional research is still necessary for this area, garlic might prove to be an effective diabetes treatment as well. With its natural hypoglycemic effect on blood sugar levels, garlic helps maintain a healthy glucose level within the circulatory system. (x)

The volatile sulfur compounds, such as alliin, from garlic, reduce blood sugar levels. Garlic extracts also reduce a patient’s insulin resistance. It means diabetic patients might peripherally benefit from taking garlic extract even when used as an adjunct treatment, not as a primary course of treatment. Since many diabetic patients struggle with insulin resistance, garlic can help keep the desired effects of insulin efficacious.

For those who have not yet developed diabetes but are likely candidates for it, garlic can maintain healthy blood sugar levels. If taken regularly, garlic extracts might help prevent the onset of diabetes altogether. (x) (x)

  1. Use for Treating Infectious Diseases

First described by Louis Pasteur for its antibacterial characteristics, garlic has treated infectious diseases such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli. The primary component at work here is allicin. (x)

Able to differentiate between healthy and harmful bacteria in the intestines, the allicin present in garlic and its extracts is quite useful. Professionals should treat these diseases as medical emergencies as garlic is a wall of defense against these ailments.

These hospital treatments for these illnesses with garlic can boost the recovery time and limit toxicity levels. The daily regimen of garlic beforehand can help reduce the severity of the effects of these bacteria. (x)

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Garlic Benefits

Garlic Extract Dosage and Instructions

As with any supplement, the accumulated effect of being taken daily for extended periods creates the most efficacious application. As mentioned earlier, the continued building of desired outcomes becomes a barrier of strength against staving off the illnesses. Therefore, it is best to take garlic daily to increase the benefits.

The recommended dose for garlic powder is 650 mg twice daily. You can dissolve the garlic powder extract in water or another beverage and drink it with food.

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Garlic Extract Side Effects

Though minor, there are some side effects of garlic that you should note. As with all supplements, consult with a physician before beginning any dietary regimen. Food allergies and acid reflux may manifest as a minimized risk. Other side effects include: 

  1. Heartburn

One complaint occasionally reported with garlic supplements is the experience of heartburn. It is a minor but annoying side effect. The symptoms of heartburn brought on by garlic extracts dissipate with discontinued use.

Those with acid reflux should consult with a physician before attempting a garlic regimen. There might be ways that your doctor can help ease symptoms while still maintaining your garlic doses (x). 

  1. Gastrointestinal Upset

The high level of fructans in garlic and its associated supplements can upset people’s stomachs. There have been reports of gastrointestinal problems with the supplemental use of garlic extract. If you experience any of the symptoms associated with gastrointestinal issues such as an upset stomach, consult with your physician. A doctor can advise how to minimize these symptoms while still maintaining your garlic regimen. (x)

  1. Nausea

The acid contained within garlic can also lead to occasional nausea. An increase in garlic intake, especially suddenly, can cause nausea brought on by irritation lower in the digestive tract. Be sure to consult with your physician to discuss options for alleviating this symptom.

Often, taking the extract after a meal can ease nausea brought on with garlic. A powder garlic extract reduces the acidity levels from those found in traditional food preparation. Garlic in its raw form is the most acidic and is often the culprit for gastrointestinal irritation. (x)

The Bottom Line

Historically and presently, as one leader in supplement health, garlic extract can treat and help cure a gamut of ailments. With a diverse range of treatment applications ranging from immune support to anti-cancer properties, garlic is highly valuable in daily dietary supplements.

Dissolvable in water as a twice-daily supplement, garlic powder packs a punch of added strength and energy. People report having extra energy levels and identify with an overall feeling of health and strength.

Garlic also has a strong backing in modern science, with countless reports and studies proving its efficacy. From animal trials to human testing, garlic has proven its track record with excellent results. Doctors and clinicians both agree that garlic has similar potency and application as some of today’s pharmaceuticals. Garlic might prove even more potent in its application to specific ailments.

As a cancer fighter, garlic seems to have a unique niche covered. With both anti-cancer and anti-tumor attributes, garlic fights with the best of them. When paired with other treatment options, garlic can help rebuild the immune system and fight off cancer cells.

Regarding side effects, garlic precedes by a positive reputation. Though there are occasional reports of the upset stomach with garlic, these complaints are typically minor and easily treatable. What’s more, the water-soluble powder extract of garlic helps stave off these side effects by limiting the amount of acid and its impact. If combined with food, this extract is incredibly gentle on the gastrointestinal tract. The powdered form of garlic also reduces the infamous unpleasant odor.

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Author: James D