10 Powers of High Altitude Shilajit Extract Powder

As you consider shilajit as a supplement for the first time, you might think its witch’s brew because of its tar and black like gooey quality. It oozes out of the rocks within the Himalaya and Tibet Mountains during the summer months (May-July). It is strictly a geological or biological substance that has helped treat many health conditions throughout the centuries. Maybe it was a witch’s brew in history since, for over 3,000 years, some consider shilajit extract as a valid, ancient herb with many health benefits.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit comes from the Sanskrit texts that describe it as “Winner of rock,” “Conqueror of mountains and destroyer of weakness” and “Stones of metal like gold.” Other meanings are mineral pitch, Jew’s pitch and mineral wax. (x)

Shilajit is a well-known ancient panacea of Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient practice of disease prevention and treatment that originated in India. It continues today in several Asian populations. Ayurvedic medicine treatment and remedies keep the equilibrium of the three “doshas” of the body. The practitioners believe you can live a healthy and long-lasting life without prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Further, research indicates shilajit is high in fulvic acid content—50 to 60 percent, which makes the herb an effective treatment for building up your immune system, improving your gut, and keeping your skin healthy. It is the definitive nutrient booster with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. (x) For this reason, many people take shilajit for its fulvic acid content.

Recognized for centuries as a rejuvenator for your whole body, a fair amount of research validates its effectiveness on many body conditions. With that, before you write off the ancient herb as a witch’s brew or an odd gooey substance, read the following benefits of shilajit.

As you read about this ancient herb, keep in mind the importance that you see your doctor for diagnoses, accurate medical information, and permission before taking any supplements.

Shilajit Benefits

  1. Energizes and Revitalizes Your Body
  2. Helps Prevent Viruses and Inflammation
  3. Improves Brain Health
  4. May Help Control Diabetes
  5. Regulates Immune System and Hormones
  6. Reduces Pain Levels 
  7. Promotes Skeletal Health
  8. Helps Fight Cancer
  9. Excellent for the Blood and Heart
  10. Assists in Breaking of Addiction

1. Energizes and Revitalizes Your Body

For thousands of years, Ayurvedic practitioners prescribed shilajit to boost energy and revitalize the body. Since these natural doctors place a high level of importance on this supplement, there has been some scientific research supporting this rationale.

Rejuvenates the body with energy is one application that enhances the process of mitochondria within the system. Mitochondria are organ cells called organelles that are the power source of the body’s cells as they convert nutrients and oxygen into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the substance that powers the body cells. Shilajit triggers the process of mitochondria, which helps them oxygenate more successfully with a better result. (x) Another added benefit relating to the mitochondria process is when combined with coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), a natural antioxidant in every human cell, the oxygenating process becomes even more powerful. (x)

Since it enhances ATP production, your body’s general energy and stamina also increase athletic performance. (x) Shilajit has also successfully treated chronic fatigue syndrome, which is a health condition of fatigue for at least six months. Evidence shows shilajit helps promote mitochondria oxygenating process, thus gives relief to the syndrome. (x)

Another factor that helps improve energy and revitalization is the herb contains potent antioxidant compounds. These fight disease-causing free radicals and restores internal damage to your system caused by dangerous elements like chemicals you’re exposed to while also reducing fat levels in your blood. (x)

2. Helps Prevent Viruses and Inflammation

If you have a diet designed to prevent inflammation, consider supplementing with shilajit. Studies show the herb helps heal and fight gastric ulcers while lowering the inflammation linked to them. (x)

Besides the shilajit benefit of alleviating inflammation, another related gain is its antiviral components. A study performed in Italy showed substantial antiviral interchange against several herpes-related viruses and Human orthopneumovirus (HRSV), a virus causing respiratory tract infections, particularly in children. (x)

3. Improves Brain Health

One of the most exciting benefits of shilajit is that it appears to have a mechanism that targets protecting your brain cells. Studies report a distinctive and noticeable neuroprotective activity, meaning slows or prevents disease. (x)

A scientific study performed by the Kerman University of Medical Sciences Physiology Research Center in Iran studied the effects of the supplement on hazardous factors after a traumatic brain injury. They found that the shilajit creates a positive influence on the three most symptomatic deaths after traumatic brain. They are brain edema, intracranial pressure, and blood-brain barrier permeability. (x)

With such positive effects with traumatic brain injury, it is no wonder that shilajit may treat people who suffer minor Alzheimer’s disease cases. Significant quantities of fulvic acid present in the supplement and bolstered with B-complex vitamins show positive results from pilot studies. (x)

Furthermore, shilajit proves to have anti-epileptic components that include treating high-altitude problems. (x)

4. May Help Control Diabetes

If you have diabetes, you may want to discuss with your doctor the possibility of taking shilajit. Studies show it may lower lipid profiles and blood glucose in diabetic patients, particularly if taken with diabetes medication. (x) 

Shilajit is one of the main ingredients in a supplement called D-400, GlucoCare or Diabecon. Engineered to combine the most potent Ayurvedic treatments into one capsule, the supplement reduces blood glucose levels and shows its potential to mend damage of the pancreas triggered by diabetes. (x)

5. Regulates Immune System and Hormones

Another vital benefit of shilajit is the process of regulating your various body functions. Included is balancing your hormones and boosting your immune system. Several studies prove that the supplement influences many aspects of the body as it helps keep the system in equilibrium. (x)

One aspect that stands out is the effects shilajit has on the reproductive hormones. Healthy males supplemented with the herb increased blood testosterone and supported the production of sperm. (x) A pilot tested adult female rats involving ovulation. It showed that shilajit powder or resin may help those who struggle with infertility. (x)

6. Reduces Pain Levels

The traditional medicine of Ayurveda has through the ages praise shilajit for its natural power to reduce pain levels in your body. Though there is not enough research to validate its interaction with body pain, some studies show it may have a decent effect on pain of the mouth, jaws and face. It acts as a sedative agent. (x) A study performed on mice discovered shilajit relieved and lessened chronic pain over a period of time based on the dose amount. (x)

Another aspect to consider is how shilajit interacts with other medications. Considering pain, it works supportively with morphine. Therefore, you can discuss with your doctor the possibility of taking shilajit to lower the prescription amount of morphine. That way, it minimizes your body’s buildup of tolerance against morphine, reducing the amount of medication if you are in serious pain and need an effective pain relief. (x)

7. Promotes Skeletal Health

Studies show that shilajit may promote the health of the skeletal system. The evidence shows it may regenerate, protect or slow down osteoporosis process, low bone mass, a major health concern. (x) The Journal of Medicinal Food reported on a study performed on obese participants, who supplemented on shilajit with noticeable improvements on the regeneration and function of their skeletal muscles. (x)

8. Excellent for the Blood and Heart

Shilajit can protect the heart from drug-induced injury. The Cardiovascular Toxicology reported a study conducted on rats given the supplement and experienced a lesser amount of lasting damage noticeable to the heart. (x)

The supplement can anemia because of the high amount of iron in one does or shilajit.

Still in the early stages of research shows the possibility of shilajit helping regulate the heart when administered in specific doses. With smaller quantities, there is the possibility of lowering a speeding heart rate. Yet, with large amounts, it is the complete opposite. See your doctor about taking the supplement for your irregular heartbeat before considering shilajit for the health concern. (x)

9. Helps Fight Cancer

A study called shilajit “mineral pit,” one of its many names, reports the supplement is toxic to cancer. Included are liver, ovarian, colon, breast and lung cancer. The study says the cause of the toxicity is that shilajit has heavy metals in the material, supporting its potential of being a cancer treatment. (x)

Another related study reported in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics is shilajit protects ovaries from radiation-induced damage. (x)

10. Assists in the Breaking of Addiction

Shilajit has an uncanny interaction with drug substances as it has a noticeable influence on the progression of breaking addiction. Given to patients coming off of opioids, shilajit lowers the addiction and withdrawal symptoms. It works far better than other medications administered to stop the dependence. (x)

The supplement also works on alcohol addiction while noticeably diminishing the withdrawal process by alcoholics who stop drinking. (x)  Eastern medicine for centuries has advised shilajit to help break an addiction.

Nutritional Facts

Found in the Himalayan and Tibet Mountains during the summer months, its color ranges from yellowish-brown to sheer black. The most nutritional variety is the kind that is the darkest black. In its most pure form, shilajit holds about 85 vitamins and minerals.

Where to Buy Shilajit?

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One suggested serving about ½ teaspoon of shilajit powder contains:

How to Take Shilajit

The supplement can only be purchase online unless you find a local health food store that carries it, then you are in luck. Shilajit comes in three forms tablets or capsules, resin and powder. Most people say the herb does not taste good. Drink it down fast or take it with a smoothie or juice.

Shilajit Side Effects

Most reports on warnings about taking shilajit are not consistent or sound. It’s a good idea to notice some issues regarding this supplement. First, the substance contains heavy metals, and large doses will affect your blood pressure. If you’re around heavy metals with work and such or have abnormal blood pressure, you need to take caution and discuss it with your doctor.

The source of where the substance comes from is another factor to consider. You want a trusted source because unfiltered shilajit may hold particular dangerous fungi and, again, the heavy metals.

A pregnant and breastfeeding woman is best to avoid the supplement unless your doctor says otherwise. Like all new supplements, check with your doctor before taking them.

Bottom Line

Shilajit originates in the rocks of the Himalayan and Tibet Mountains. It resembles witch’s brew or some form of a mystic potion. Truthfully, it looks like tar and is gooey. Between yellow-brown to sheer black, the blackest color you can get, the more potent the shilajit you have in your possession. The Ayurvedic has used this substance for over 3,000 years as a revitalization agent.

More and more scientific evidence supports the use of shilajit. Of late, it is useful in helping with brain health, fatigue, immune system, pain relief, controlling diabetes, protecting against cancers, fighting viral infections and inflammation, promoting skeletal system well-being, breaking addiction from drugs and alcohol, and maintaining the heart functions.

Shilajit, used with other supplements and herbs, is beneficial to boosting your overall health.

Getting a high-quality shilajit is vital to reaping its benefits. Ensure you get the substance from a reputable source by thoroughly researching the company before you buy it. Discuss with your doctor about taking shilajit. If you have adverse reactions to the herb, it’s recommended that you stop taking shilajit and let your doctor know.

The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Author: James D