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8 Benefits of Maral Root Extract Powder

Are you familiar with maral root extract powder? How about the maral shrub? No worries. You’re probably not alone. The dried root system of this plant is used to make the powdered extract. During World War II in the 1940s, when Russian scientists were known as Soviet scientists, they conducted extensive research to find a magic drug that would give their soldiers greater strength and endurance, especially those who were wounded (x). After the war, Russian scientists continued to study maral for more therapeutic benefits. This time the focus was on guaranteeing their athletes a place on the podium at competitive sporting events (x).

What is Maral Root?

The name maral comes from a species of deer native to the lands between the Caspian (Crimea) and Black Seas. The species is also referred to as the Caspian red deer (x). The name stuck after males observed consuming the plant during mating season, were suddenly feistier (x). Maral is also called leuzea root, Russian leuzea, leuzea, Rhaponticum and Cnicus carthamoides among others. Its scientific name is Rhaponticum carthamoides.

According to a couple of websites on herbal phytocompounds, the short perennial shrub belongs to the Asteraceae family and lives for at least 75 years. Though native to the Siberian region, it was used in Chinese and Eastern folk medicines. Perhaps it was because parts of Asia (not just Russia) were also considered Siberian. Local shamans used maral root to help men increase their sexual potency. The rare wild-growing shrub is currently under Russian government control (x), (x).           

What are the Beneficial Compounds in Maral Root Extract Powder?

How useful is maral root? Though research on the maral plant have been mostly Russian- and Eastern-oriented, results reveal that its chemical composition includes steroids, phenolic acids, tannins, flavonoids, glucosides, and some vitamins (x). However, companies manufacturing leuzea or maral root extracts are primarily focused on its rich steroid content, particularly the ecdysteroids, and to a lesser degree, the flavonoids (x).

Benefits of the Compounds in Maral Root Extract 

How do the phytocompounds in maral root extract powder benefit us? Scientists liken maral root’s therapeutic properties to that of ginseng root, which is known for its use in traditional Asian and Ayurvedic healing modalities (x). Though more western research is needed on the maral root system, there are enough Eastern studies, including clinical, to suggest possible antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, anticancer, immunomodulatory, virility/ fertility, cognitive and anabolic human benefits (x), (x)

Most of the benefits are due to maral root’s excellent adaptogenic nature. Studies show that a large percentage of its chemical compounds, the ecdysteriods in particular, can prevent or alter issues that are directly linked to physical and mental stress. The ecdysterones boost levels of hormones affected by stress (x), (x), (x). Always consult your healthcare provider for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements. There’s no medical evidence to support maral root extract powder curing, treating or preventing disease.

Antioxidant Properties

The antioxidant property of the steroids in maral extract powder may protect the body from harmful free radicals by removing them from our cells before they can cause oxidative stress (x). Other antioxidative constituents in maral root supplement may help in wound healing as well (x), (x).

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Studies reveal possible anti-inflammatory effects of maral root extract powder. This could bring relief from the inflammation buildup and pain associated with chronic diseases (x), (x).

Antiparasitic Properties

According to one study, 35 patients infected by an intestinal microscopic parasite were treated for 10 days with drugs made from maral root extract. Twenty-five of them showed immediate recovery (x). Other studies imply that maral root compounds may also treat pathologies caused by microbes such as bacteria, fungus and viruses. The latter suggests help for cold and flu patients (x), (x), (x).

Anticancer Properties

How can maral root extract powder help cancer patients? The ecdysteriods and flavonoids have shown some potential in fighting leukemia, lung, breast, ovarian and brain cancer by stimulating genes that inhibit the growth of cancer cells. They may also help by staving off free radical cell damage. Damaged cells grow abnormally and this could result in cancer (x), (x), (x), (x).

Immunomodulatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory potency of the compounds in maral root extract powder may effectively support the immune system. They may inhibit or lower the ability of certain cells (in the immune system) from producing inflammation that could lead to chronic diseases (x). Studies indicate that in conditions such as diabetes, maral root nutrients may decrease blood glucose levels, while improving liver function (x). In metabolic syndrome, weight, inflammation and fatty liver tissue reduction are supported (x).

Virility and Fertility Properties

How can maral root extract powder help erectile dysfunction and fertility? Studies conducted with the use of the ecdysteroids suggest that they increase a man’s ability to copulate and somehow enhance sperm quality, including mobility. This in turn heightens fertility (x).

Cognitive Function

According to research performed on rats, the ecdysterones may help protect the brain during stroke as well as limit or prevent damage after stroke (x), (x). They may also prevent the damage or death of nerve cells by lowering the production of neurotransmitters such as glutamate. If too much of this essential chemical is released when the nerve fiber receives an impulse, it could over-stimulate the receptor and damage or kill the nerve cell. Excitotoxicity, as the process is called, can also result from other debilitating brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury  (x), (x).

The ecdysteroids may also improve one’s awareness, ability to focus, concentration and memory by acting as and increasing the levels of hormones that are exhausted from mental and physical stress (x).

Anabolic Properties 

Eastern European countries, including Russia, used maral root as one of the substances to improve the stamina and endurance of their athletes. Researchers discovered that its deep well of steroids stimulated protein synthesis, which caused a marked increase in lean muscle growth. Studies also showed they did so with simultaneous decrease in body fat, and without the dangerous side effects usually associated with steroid (especially synthetic) use such as organ damage, infertility and increased aggression (x), (x), (x).

Research have also revealed possible increases in athletic strength, endurance and stamina when maral root was consumed. The adaptongenic properties seemed to improve both physical and mental capacities, thwarting fatigue. There was even evidence of faster recovery from strenuous workouts, increased rate of energy replenishment and increased blood circulation in muscles (x), (x)

How to Use Maral Root Extract Powder

How to take maral root extract powder? The powder is usually added to beverages for consumption, but there are no specific medical and/ or pharmaceutical guidelines on the appropriate dose of this supplement. Safe dosing depends on many aspects such as an individual’s age (x). You should follow the instructions on product labels and packaging. And remember to always consult your healthcare provider for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements.              

Possible Side Effects of Maral Root Extract Powder

Some studies suggest that maral root extract powder may be relatively safe to consume even at a large dose (x), (x). However, other information indicates possible issues (x):   

  • Bruising and bleeding in some individuals, especially those with bleeding disorders. Blood clotting may be affected. 
  • Because of the blood clotting issue, it’s recommended that individuals scheduled for surgery stop using the supplement at least two weeks prior and two weeks after their procedure.
  • It is also recommended that pregnant and breast-feeding women avoid consuming maral root extract powder.
  • There may be interactions with medications that slow blood clotting.

Again, always consult your healthcare provider for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements.

Where to Buy Maral Root Extract Powder

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Bottom Line

The health benefits of the rare maral or leuzea plant may not be known in the West as much as it is in the East. Countries like China, Russia and others in eastern Europe have longed used its root system in their traditional healing modalities. Some of the early uses involved tonics for treating male sexual impotency and energy depletion from intense farm work. The Russians supplied maral root extract to their soldiers during World War II and later to their athletes. In both cases, the goal was to increase stamina, strength and endurance, and give them an edge on their adversaries. 

The main nutrient in maral root responsible for its therapies are the steroids, particularly the ecdysteroids. But the adaptogenic herb also contains flavonoids and phenolic acids, which help to inhibit certain cancers, microbial invasions and strengthen the immune system. Although beneficial, be aware of maral root extract powder’s possible side effects and consult your healthcare provider for diagnoses, accurate medical information and permission before taking any supplements.

Author: James D