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Do Multivitamins Work? Are Multivitamins Good For You?

Vitamins and minerals are necessary so your body can develop and function. (x) That includes making sure you eat a well-balanced diet and take enough nutrients for the body, so you remain healthy, alert and energized. To help ensure you consume enough nutrients, you can take a multivitamin because only eating well doesn’t do it. (x) Do multivitamins work? Ask your doctor prior to starting any kind of new supplements.

But, how do you know if you are taking the right quantity of vitamins or the correct combination? That is where multivitamins can help. The supplements are an effective way to ensure you choose the correct balance of vitamins and minerals because they are designed for proper body absorption. (x)

History of Multivitamins

From the nineteenth century to the mid-twentieth century, the practice of taking vitamins progress as more scientific data proved vitamins and minerals were a solution to preventing diseases. The process was slow, including setbacks and contradictions. But finally, experimental data showed that various vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause diseases such as rickets and scurvy. (x) Today, they recognized that vitamins are essential to your overall health and well-being. They include A, C, D, E, and K as well as B vitamins.

Minerals are also necessary for your health and well-being and include magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chloride, sulfur, iodine, copper, cobalt, fluoride, and selenium. Multivitamin supplements contain vitamins and minerals that are essential to your health. And, just about half of the American adults take supplements as a daily routine and as a preventive measure against diseases. (x)

Multivitamins are the best solution and most natural method in making sure you receive the essential nutrients you need daily. So, before you take any supplements, you should discuss it with your doctor.

When Should You Take a Multivitamin?

Studies indicate the importance of taking a multivitamin daily based on the amounts required to prevent deficiencies and diseases. (x) Knowing when is the best time to take your multivitamin depends on what you know is best for you. Most people take them in the morning with breakfast, while others consider them at lunch or dinner.

Taking multivitamins on an empty stomach tends to upset the digestive tract. So, read your supplement container, and it will tell you, one thing is for sure, you need to take them with a meal. That way, your body absorbs the nutrients better. Countless studies indicate the importance of taking the vitamin supplement during a meal, and some say the most substantial meal while others suggest the earliest meal of the day.

One aspect is for sure, the design of a multivitamin helps ensure your body digests and absorbs all its available nutrients. The Advances in Nutrition published a report based on extensive research, indicating throughout the decades, multivitamins played an essential role in developing accurate composition and absorption. The news means that the formulation of the multivitamin ensures the nutrients enter the circulation of the body effectively. (x) With various products available on the market, you might wonder how do you determine the best multivitamin?

What to Look for in a Multivitamin?

You must discuss with your doctor what to look for in a multivitamin, but the main point is, will your body digest and absorb the supplement. Absorption of a vitamin and a mineral is dependent on the formulation of the micronutrients.

According to the Nutrition Journal, multivitamins formulated and balanced are the best source of essential nutrient absorption and prevention of chronic ongoing conditions.

Conditions like anemia, osteoporosis, and cancer prevention. Cancer preventions relate, especially in men. The balanced supplements also maintain or improve your overall health and do not increase the risk of heart failure or mortality. Thus, the potential benefits of taking a well-balanced multivitamin outweigh any general risk to you and are especially beneficial to older people.

Of course, a healthy lifestyle influences your overall health, and you must eat a healthy diet and exercise while taking a multivitamin. But still, getting the micronutrients from a balanced supplement may help to endure a healthy body and prevent any diseases. (x)

What Percentage of the Multivitamin is Absorbed?

Determining how much of a multivitamin your body will absorption depends on certain factors involving your lifestyle. Consult a doctor to help you decide what the percentage of the multivitamin you take absorbs into your circulation through the digestive tract.

As you get older, the absorption rate through your intestines reduces, especially if you have a severe health condition like gastrointestinal problems. Other factors also influence the absorption of a multivitamin such as stress, eating habits, exercise, and a positive outlook on life. That is why it is crucial to discuss vitamin absorption with your doctor or a nutritionist. (x)

Soft gel vitamins absorb more easily into the bloodstream via the digestive tract compare tablets or capsules because they dissolve quickly in the stomach, which leads to the rapid assimilation of the nutrients into the circulation. Bulk Supplements offer a soft gel multivitamin to help you absorb all the nutrients the supplement contains.

Some factors to consider in helping you digest your vitamins in general are:

  • Taking them with a digestive enzyme to simulate eating and overall nutritional absorption
  • Limit the about of fluid your intake or cold fluid while eating
  • A small amount of apple cider vinegar helps with stimulating digestion
  • Specific vitamins compete for absorption, so take a multivitamin that doesn’t cause internal competition

Keep in mind, more nutrients in a vitamin do not necessarily mean better absorption in the making up for what is not assimilated. Ideally, you talk with your doctor and decide the best way to ensure the intake of your multivitamin absorption rate is as high as possible. (x)

What is the Best Multivitamin for Women?

You have already determined what is the best multivitamin to take for your health and well-being. But now, break it down even further to determine which multivitamin is best for women.

Women’s bodies are different than men. Since the start of human bodies, women have always borne children. Today, they not only raise children but work and manage a household. Such a lifestyle creates stress and burns nutrients from the body. And thus, women may need a specific type of multivitamin compared to men.

For decades, the medical profession has stressed the importance of women taking multivitamins containing folic acid. Folic acid is essential in helping non-pregnant women of childbearing years become healthy enough to bear children, and consider the supplement as preventative care. (x)

Several studies indicate that multivitamins may be a good measure for preventing cancer. Significant research introduced an analysis done on a large group of women taking a multivitamin for a period of one to five years after being diagnosed with breast cancer. The study concluded the supplement has a preventative effect on reducing the incidence or recurrence of cancer, reducing the mortality by 16 percent, and adding antioxidants with the supplement raises that to 21 percent. (x)

What is the Best Multivitamin for Men?

Setting bias aside, you might want to consider the fact that men live differently than women and have a different body. Therefore, men may need specific multivitamins compared to women.

A significant study done on Frenchmen indicated that men who received a multivitamin with both an antioxidant and mineral supplement reduced in all mortality and cancer in men. The finding concluded reduction of morality was 37 percent, and the decline of the disease was 31 percent. (x)

Another study performed by physicians in America tracked a large number of men over the age of 50, including ones who already had cancer. They administered a series of multivitamins, resulting in positive findings. For those who already had cancer, 27 percent of them had reduced the disease, while those you didn’t have cancer reduced their mortality to 12 percent. (x)

Where to Buy Multivitamins

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Bottom Line

Overall, multivitamins are convenient and effective in maintaining your overall health and well-being. Historically, research has substantiated that taking multivitamins is effective in combating diseases. But, the absorption of the supplement plays an integral part in making sure you receive all the benefits you can from your multivitamins.

Women and men benefit from the supplement, particularly in preventing cancer, while women also benefit during their childbearing years. All these studies and findings are essential in helping you understand the importance of taking your multivitamin.

The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

By Kenna McHugh

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