What is Beta Alanine?

Beta Alanine for Muscles

Today, we’re going to be talking about one of my favorite supplements that BulkSupplements.com offers, Beta Alanine.  I normally take it before my training sessions but you can take it anytime of the day. If you’ve ever taken a pre-workout supplement, it probably contained Beta Alanine.

What is Beta Alanine?

First off, let’s talk about what Beta Alanine is. Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid which means the body can create it from other amino acids. Your body mainly uses beta alanine to synthesize carnosine which is another amino acid. One of the main roles of carnosine in our muscles is to maintain a stable ph level. When you train a specific muscle, lactic acid begins to build up in that muscle. Eventually the buildup of acid will impair the muscles ability to contract and cause you to end that set. Carnosine fights the buildup of acid in the muscle thus allowing you to train longer with more sets and reps, which will lead to muscle gains.

Benefits of Beta Alanine

So after that breakdown, let’s talk about the benefits of beta alanine. Beta alanine’s benefits include:

  • Build lean muscle and maximizes endurance
  • Fat blocker
  • Decrease fatigue and improves recovery
  • Increases carnosine
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Supports nervous system
  • Promotes brain health.

Glenn MorrisThe first time I used Beta Alanine was in a pre-workout. Like many people, I have tried many different pre-workout supplements and I just got to a point where I asked myself, how does this work? Why am I taking this? I wanted to find out which of the ingredients in these pre-workouts really work and which are the ones that don’t. What I found is that Beta Alanine is a very well researched supplement and the research suggests that it improves performance.

Instead of continuing to buy pre-workout supplements, I started buying the ingredients separately and making my own. This is not only cost effective but you also know the exact supplements you’re taking and the exact amounts. Far too often, you read a supplement label and it says “proprietary blend”. This means the exact amount of each ingredient in that supplement is not listed so you don’t know how much of each ingredient you’re consuming. This could lead to under dosing and lowering a supplements effectiveness. Another thing you should keep in mind is that you want to supplement with Beta Alanine every day, including non-training days.  This will help to saturate the muscle with carnosine.

Side Effects & Dosage

You may be asking, are there any side effects with Beta Alanine?  The only one that ever really gets talked about, and it is a harmless side effect, is called paresthesia. This is a tingling, itchy type of feeling. If you want to avoid it you can just split your dose up throughout the day into smaller doses. Typically, you will feel the paresthesia with doses above 800 milligrams. The BulkSupplements.com suggested use is 600 milligrams per dose. Always consult a physician before taking any dietary supplement.

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Author: Glenn Morris