D-Mannose Capsules: Benefits, Dosages and Side Effects

What is D-Mannose?

D-mannose capsules are a natural alternative to prevent UTIs compared to antibiotics.

D-mannose is a simple sugar but not a regular sugar like glucose though it’s related to glucose. It functions within your body’s metabolism. You can find D-mannose in fruits and vegetables, such as apples, cranberries, mangos, aloe vera, seaweed and oranges (x).

Some healthcare professionals prescribe D-mannose for urinary tract infections (UTI) as a treatment. The sugar prevents harmful bacteria from clinging to the walls of the urinary tract. Escherichia coli (E. coli) is 85 to 90 percent of the most common bacteria that cause UTIs, which is attracted to D-mannose.

The bacteria have hair-like projections known as fimbriae. The fimbriae allow the bacteria to adhere to the bladder and urinary tract. D-mannose attracts E. coli to the surfaces of the bladder as a natural occurrence.

The bacteria will bind naturally to the sugar in the bladder. When you take large quantities of D-mannose, achieving an excess amount, the bacteria stick to the “free” sugar molecules. When you urinate, the bacteria wash down the urinary tract and out the body with the sugar.

It doesn’t kill the bacteria. The sugar lets go of the bladder wall, and the bacteria rinse out with the D-mannose, preventing them from sticking to the urinary tract walls and producing an infection.

Another advantage of D-mannose is that it doesn’t kill bacteria, so it doesn’t build resistance to the sugar, unlike antibiotics. D-mannose will continue effectively and safely, eliminating E. coli UTIs (x).

History of D-Mannose

Originally, the farmers and veterinarians used D-mannose for dogs, cats, horses and dairy cows to prevent UTIs (x).

In 1980, doctors started using it to treat humans, and word spread gradually. Now, the sugar is available at compounding pharmacies, health food stores and regular pharmacies (x).

Even though most healthcare providers prescribe D-mannose for UTIs, the compound offers other benefits for the body. Check with your physician first before starting any new supplement.

D-Mannose Benefits

Supports Urinary Tract Health

Certain bacteria cause UTIs, and E. coli is the predominant one. Some people take D-mannose regularly to maintain their urinary tract health and prevent infections. Taking the capsules, add extra amounts of D-mannose in the system. The sugar naturally lines the kidney and urinary tract walls, then the bacteria cling to the sugar, binding them together. The extra D-mannose and bacteria flush out of the body through the urine.

Some studies combine other supplements with D-mannose to treat UTIs, but the compound is effective as the only source for helping with this health concern. Cranberries are also an effective treatment for UTIs because the fruit contains high levels of D-mannose. That explains why you hear about drinking cranberry juice to ward off UTIs. Still, taking the D-mannose capsules can clear up the infection within 24 to 48 hours (x). The compound also has less sugar than cranberry juice. A study shows that combining the two is an effective measure to ward off disease (x).

Another combination is prebiotics and D-mannose to ward off acute cystitis, a urinary tract infection. A study supports using both to maintain a long-term solution because 30% of women re-experience UTIs within a year after one episode (x).

A D-mannose study showed a reduction of severe symptoms of acute episodes and an extended period of no symptoms or relapse (x).

Maintains Digestive Health

D-mannose has a prebiotic effect, helping to stimulate the advancement of good bacteria in the gut. Therefore, the sugar compound helps enrich the overall digestive health based on a study performed on mice (x).

Prebiotics enhance the digestive system, helping the gut to maintain good bacteria. Good bacteria work with the intestinal lining to protect your body from harmful intruders. The good bacteria from D-mannose help fight infections within the gut and thus support the immune system (x).

A human study with bowel functions of healthy volunteers noticeably improved after consuming two cups of a mixed coffee drink containing D-mannose and mannan oligosaccharide. The combination showed that the drink regulated any imbalance between harmful and beneficial bacteria (x).

The compound also exhibits anti-inflammatory and antioxidative activities for treating colitis, including inflammatory bowel disease. D-mannose protects the intestinal barrier based on a study performed on two mouse colitis models (x).

Supports the Immune System

D-mannose supports your body’s immune system to help fight off illnesses and infections.

A study with mice proved that supplementing with D-mannose helped suppress an autoimmune disease called autoimmune encephalomyelitis. The disease mistakenly attacks healthy brain cells, triggering inflammation of the brain. Such findings suggest that D-mannose might be a low-cost treatment for multiple sclerosis since it’s also an inflammatory autoimmune disease (x).

Since D-mannose can suppress inflammation, it has become a novel approach to treating diseases caused by inflammation. Thus, the compound has immune regulatory functions.

D-mannose can suppress several inflammatory diseases, such as asthma, type 1 diabetes, colitis, obesity and more (x).

Suppresses Osteoarthritis Development and Decreases Bone Loss

The cartilage degenerates, causing osteoarthritis based on age, gender, obesity and joint injury. A study on rats showed that D-mannose stopped and slowed down osteoarthritis degeneration. The rats taking the compound increased cell proliferation while decreasing cell death (x).

D-mannose combats bone loss under weightlessness. Astronauts experience a significant amount of microgravity-induced bone loss while on space missions. It has become a major medical problem that impedes long-term space flight.

The compound has protective agents for potential bone loss. A study with rats proved positive. While the rats were undergoing weightlessness, the D-mannose defended against bone loss and UTIs.

The compound mediates and inhibits osteoclast cell fusion, which is part of the natural process of the bones regenerating. Osteoclast is essential for bone health. However, weightlessness in space lacks the mechanical stimulation to expedite bone formation during the osteoclast.

As a result, astronauts exercise in space and drink fruit juices that contain D-mannose, such as cranberry, blueberry, coconut and citrus. The same study also revealed that the compound protects the bones by regulating immunity cells, T-cells, with anti-inflammatory effects (x).

Help Prevent Diet-Induced Obesity

In early life, D-mannose prevents high-fat-diet-induced obesity in mice. Though the supplement doesn’t work when one is already obese.

During the early stages of development, kids should include fruits and vegetables with D-mannose to ensure a healthy weight. Or check with their doctor about supplementing with the capsules.

D-mannose lowers fat mass and improves glucose tolerance. It also reduces abnormal liver retention of fat cells that cause fatty liver. It even increases endurance and fitness.

The high-fat-diet mice fed D-mannose have higher fecal energy content, consistently keeping their lean bodies. The mice did not over-absorb energy (glucose), resulting in weight gain.

Also, the study showed that the D-mannose supplementation changed the gut flora, increasing and balancing the microbes. The balance helped breakdown bulky plant starches and fibers, becoming shorter molecules as an energy source, causing a leaner body (x).

Added to Cosmetics and Benefits the Skin

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder known as an autoimmune disease caused by a lack of proper immunity support (x).

A study showed that D-mannose suppresses the sources that cause psoriatic inflammations. The compound can ease local and systemic inflammation (x).

Some manufacturers of personal care and cosmetic applications have D-mannose among their ingredients. The compound helps moisturize the skin and works as an anti-aging component. The supplement reinforces the moisture barrier to combat water loss in the skin (x).

Where to Buy D-Mannose Capsules?

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D-Mannose Dosage

Most people follow their physician’s advice on how many D-mannose capsules they should take daily. A rough estimate is two capsules (1,000 mg each) or three capsules (500 mg each) daily and taken with water.

Potential D-Mannose Capsules Side Effects

D-mannose is potentially harmless to the body. But if a UTI treated with the compound doesn’t show a noticeable improvement within 24 hours, talk with your physician. About 10 percent of the causes will not resolve with D-mannose because the infection is likely not E. coli (x).

Side effects from taking D-mannose are mild and low risk (x). Though, some concerns about taking high doses may damage your kidneys. Yet, there are no reports of reported kidney damage with low-to-moderate amounts (x).

The compound is a sugar, so if you have diabetes, consult your healthcare provider before taking the supplement (x).

Avoid D-mannose if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under 18. Always talk with your physician before taking any new supplement.

The Bottom Line

D-mannose first treated human urinary tract infections in 1980. Before that, the compound successfully treated UTIs in domestic and farm animals.

It is an excellent alternative to antibiotics. The body typically develops a resistance to antibiotics. The body never resists D-mannose treatment because the sugar is naturally in the body and doesn’t kill the E. coli.

When treating UTIs with D-mannose, you are adding more to the body. This creates “free” D-mannose to flush out the E. coli that causes the UTI. The supplement is popular enough that you can find it in health food stores and some grocery stores.

Research has expanded the positive influence of D-mannose, supporting the immune system, digestive tract, skin, autoimmune diseases, bone health and weight management. Though most of the research is animal-based, the positive potential is clear.

Future research will add more certainty to D-mannose success. So, keep an ear to new studies. Gradually, D-mannose receives the validation it deserves for helping to treat other health concerns besides UTIs.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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