Catuaba Extract: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage

What is Catuaba Extract?

Both historically and today, several plants and trees native to Brazil have the extract known as Catuaba. (xCatuaba extract comes from the bark of trees found in the rainforests of Brazil. However, one study proves that many commercially available supplements contain bark from Trichilia catigua, an excellent source. (x) Knowing which source is best for your health is essential for your well-being. Talk with your doctor about taking Catuaba or any new supplement. 

History of Catuaba

The word derives from catucaba, meaning health, kindness, and vigor. With the “c” removed, you have Catuaba, which means “good for the old Indian.” (x)

In 1877, a publication called Indian Wood Test introduced it as Erythroxylon Catuaba, and in Vocabulary of Industrial Woods speaks of medical properties. (x) Dr. Pires de Almeida advocated it treats skin disorders such as morphea with other medicinal properties. Dr. Mellow Moras in Brazilian Botany said according to Dr. Lacerda, Catuaba has aphrodisiac qualities. (x)

In 1906, botanist Arthur Jose da Silva learned about the bark of Catuaba from a story about an old Indian man in a Brazilian village who had a young wife. She bore him a healthy child every year. It seemed unbelievable that such an older man could be so robust. The people of the village investigated and discovered him taking bark from a catuabeira tree. The therapeutic benefits of the tree spread through the town, and everyone wanted some. The older man was not so quick to share his masculinity source and built a fence around his yard. (x)

Besides the older man’s story, there are other references to the bark. The people in Minas Gerais of Southeastern Brazil and some northern states used the bark as a powerful and harmless aphrodisiac. (x)

In 1926, the first edition of the Brazilian Pharmacopoeia described the characteristics. Thus, the plant became commercialized for medicinal values, such as an aphrodisiac, intimate and nervous system stimulant, and treatment for digestive disorders. In Brazil, it became known as A. arvense — the official species. (x)

Difficulties in obtaining the plant caused others to find cheaper alternatives with the hope of greater therapeutic values that led to several kinds of Catuaba — resulting in at least nine Catuaba species available on the market. But the most notable and used Catuaba comes from the trees called Trichilia catigua and Erythroxylum, known for their beautiful flowers. It is best known for being an aphrodisiac, tonic and a stimulant for the central nervous system. (x)

But it’s the bark that has the healing properties, not the roots or pulp. Trichilia catigua is the species you want for the most benefit and positive use as herbal medicine. (x

It goes by many names, including Erythroxylum Catuaba, Chuchuhuasha and Golden Trumpet. Of course, many just refer to it merely as “Catuaba.”

Commonly used in traditional medicine, Catuaba helps with a wide range of health concerns that include romantic health, memory and fatigue. It also helps to promote anti-aging. (x) But because of the variety of sources used to create this extract, you may have a confusion about how Catuaba may benefit your health condition.

Catuaba Extract Benefits

Like other medicinal plants, Catuaba plays an essential role in health care. The bark of the tree is popular for treating many health concerns. (x) Some benefits include:

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

You can treat your anxiety with exercises, change the environment, turn off the news, or take supplements. But, see a health care professional determine the cause of your stress is not hormonal imbalance or allergies. (x) These treatments seem to work by a doctor or other professionals. Catuaba serves as one treatment as a supplement.

The supplement does not impair your motor skills, so you can take it and drive or operate machinery since it also has antifatigue properties. Studies performed in 2018 by BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that Catuaba does not affect the body in that way. (x) There is partial support for the folk use of Catuaba as a reliever of fatigue, which is a common symptom of anxiety. (x)

According to American College for Advancement in Medicine, common medications deplete vital nutrients essential to your health. Close to 50 percent of American adults take a least one prescription drug. Those prescriptions deplete your body of nutrients. (x) The good news is to find the supplements that are right for your body. That way, you are in control of your body and prevent chronic diseases that cause fatigue. (x) Although stress and anxiety are treatable conditions through nutrition, exercise, and supplements, many people are unaware of this remedy. Panic attacks are usually a result of anxiety — a condition that includes a multitude of symptoms. People suffering from anxiety may experience changes in their heart rate and breathing, like during a panic attack. (x)

Fights Depression

Like anxiety, depression is a condition considered treatable by exercise, allergies, supplemental therapy or lifestyle changes. In most cases, depression requires a look at the whole person. (x) Depression relates to other health issues. Try to discuss these health concerns with your physician that it is not a disease by medical evidence. It is more of a “trapped inward feeling,” and no two people experience the same symptoms. (x)

Studies have found that deficiencies and imbalances of specific nutrients, food sensitivities, artificial lighting, digestion, inactivity, toxic chemicals found in the home can cause depression. (x)

Based on a study performed on rats, Catuaba extract can release serotonin into your system. (x) Serotonin generates in our bodies and controls appetite, sleep and desire. (x) When you have serotonin stores flowing through your body, the mood might be at an optimal level. 

If Catuaba can help to raise serotonin levels, then there is the possibility that the patient’s depression could lift or lighten. Any treatment of depression requires a consultation with a qualified medical doctor to ensure the patient’s safety. A recent study showed serotonin levels connected to gastrointestinal problems. (x)

Other Health Benefits

A study from 2008 found that Catuaba had some effect on the cells involved in Parkinson’s disease and its symptoms. (x)

Inflammation is a normal reaction within the body, but chronic inflammation, which stems from oxidative stress or free radicals, can cause many serious illnesses. Reducing inflammation is a common goal you may have amongst those wishing to improve their overall health. A study in 2008 showed evidence suggesting that Catuaba has anti-inflammatory properties. (x)
One study in 1992 found that there was potential for Catuaba to treat bacteria causing diseases and HIV infections. (x) Though these are small studies, their findings provide an exciting basis for future research to enhance our understanding of the effect of Catuaba on your body.

Catuaba Extract Dosage

Read the label of your supplement and see what the manufacturer recommends. You can take as much as 1,000 mg of Catuaba extract once daily. As with all supplements, contact your doctor before changing your diet or health routine. If your doctor suggests taking another dosage, understand the reason for doing so and decide whether or not to follow their instructions.

Where to Buy Catuaba Extract?

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Catuaba Extract Side Effects

There has not been sufficient research on Catuaba to list the supplement’s side effects and safety definitively.

Some users have reported an upset stomach and stomach spasms while using Catuaba. Headache, dizziness and excessive sweating are potential side effects of Catuaba usage. Catuaba supplements have occasionally contained other compounds that have potential health risks. It is vital to source your supplements thoroughly. (x)

Catuaba Warnings

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid Catuaba because the lack of research makes it impossible to say whether it poses a health risk to the mother or baby.

It is important to discuss using supplements with a medical professional before integrating them into your diet.

The Bottom Line

Catuaba extract powder is easy to use and readily available. Problems arise when companies use other tree bark ingredients.  

Stay away from pharmaceutical medicines. Taking medications will deplete your body’s nutrients, which causes compounding issues for your overall well-being. Try to use natural remedies for anxiety or depression. Stress is here to stay. It helps to learn its fundamental causes, such as a stressful environment, reading the newspapers, watching the news, and lacking proper diet and exercise. Treating stress with supplements and lifestyle changes are the actual solutions. And Catuaba extract may help your body withstand everyday stress.  

However, Catuaba is also a viable option for relief of fatigue, memory issues and stress. While there is some evidence that Catuaba can help ease some symptoms of depression and anxiety, this requires further investigation. If you suffer from depression and anxiety, reach out for real help and try natural remedies for a lasting and positive outcome.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Author: BulkSupplements Staff