Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder Benefits, Side Effects and Dosages

What is Beef Bone Broth?

For centuries, our ancestors knew the value of including beef bone broth in their daily diet for people who could not afford to put fruit, vegetables or a leg of beef on the table. Instead, they made a large pot of beef bone broth, boiling beef marrow bones, joints, knuckles, feet and connective tissues. If available, they added garlic, herbs, and greens, cooking the mixture for 24 to 48 hours. The result was a super healthy and nutritious bowl of broth they could eat with bread or grains (x).

Over 2,500 years ago, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), they consumed bone broth to support their digestive health and strengthen their kidneys. The broth worked so well that it became a staple for Asian meals. Nowadays, bone broth is a base for various Chinese, Japanese and Korean soups (x). Ancient Greece physician Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended broth for cleansing and to help with digestive issues. A proverb from South America, “a good broth can resurrect the dead,” supports the rich, healthy aspect of beef bone broth.

Around the 12th century, bone broth became the “Jewish penicillin” when a renowned physician, Maimonides, prescribed such a soup to his patients as “an excellent food as well as a medication.”

Bone broth, whether beef, chicken, pork and so forth, goes by many names. The French say, “bouillon.” The Portuguese and Spanish call it “caldo,” and the Italians call it “brodo.” Some even call it “liquid gold” because of its many health benefits (x).

The upsurge of the Paleo diet and other health developments have motivated a trend of taking bone broth protein powders dehydrated from its original source. With a concentration of vitamins and minerals, beef bone broth protein powder is one of the most nutritious, if not the best, ways to benefit from bone broth.

In diets like keto, beef bone broth helps as a transition food, even though it has a few grams of carbohydrates. The supplement stays within the nutrients of most plans. Consuming broth can help as a preventive against the keto flu, occurring in the early stages of the trendy diet. Thanks to the vitamins and minerals that beef bone broth contains, it helps you get over the initial hump of making any lifestyle change (x).

What is Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder?

Beef bone broth protein is a concentrated form of protein that comes loaded with vitamins and minerals. It helps promote healthy joints, supports immune function, aids digestion, supports healthy sleep, benefits the skin and supports your muscles.

Most beef bone broth protein powder comes from dehydrated bone broth liquid. As part of the conversion process, it becomes a highly nutritious and concentrated powder, standardizing to 90 percent protein (x).

Benefits of Beef Bone Broth Protein

Sometimes it’s hard to get enough of the nutrients you need, so drinking beef bone broth or including it in your recipes is an excellent way to get more. The protein powder contains many nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Dairy-Free Source of Protein

Beef bone broth protein powder is ideal if you are sensitive to dairy, making it an excellent source of protein. It also is egg and soy-free, accommodating gluten-free, keto and paleo diets. Yet fulfills your supplemental needs.

Promotes Healthy Bones and Joints

Beef bone broth contains all the known amino acids available, supporting your joint health and reducing symptoms of osteoarthritis. All the protein gained from the broth comes from a cow, bull or ox connective tissue. These tissues are not very different from your own molecular structure.

Throughout the cooking process, collagen from the connective tissues and bones breaks down into another protein — gelatin. Gelatin contains proline and glycine, vital amino acids your body needs to build connective tissues and support your joints. That includes the tissues that connect the muscles to your bones, called tendons.

Studies show that taking gelatin as a supplement helps your body absorb collagen to help maintain and repair tendons and ligaments (xx).

In fact, beef bone broth has glucosamine and chondroitin, natural compounds in cartilage, the tissue that cushions the joints. Studies show these compounds help lessen symptoms of osteoarthritis and decrease joint pain. Osteoarthritis destroys the cartilage in joints (x).

Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails

Research shows that beef bone broth has components that support collagen production. These components are keratan sulfate, glycosaminoglycans, dermatan sulfate, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate. As a result, it hydrates the skin, improves elasticity and protects the skin from UV-induced damage (xx).

Beef bone broth even supports collagen structures throughout your body. That includes skin and joints. Thanks to collagen being the most abundant protein in your body helps the body stay young. Nearly one-third of your body’s collagen and protein levels start to decrease in your 20s, one percent each year (x).

The collagen you consume in beef bone broth helps hydrate your body and helps maintain a youthful appearance while you age. Also, the amino acids in gelatin assist with collagen production, giving you stronger nails and hair and enhanced skin elasticity (x, x).

Aids Digestion

Scientists have proven that your vitality and good health depend on the wholeness of your intestinal tract. Beef bone broth protein powder is easy on your digestion and one of the best foods for your gut. People take it when recovering from digestive problems or most illnesses (x).

Supporters of the GAPS diet agree with this aspect and encourage the use of bone broths to help heal the digestive tract, particularly when the digestive lining experiences damage. Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease are good examples of using beef bone broth to help aid digestion. The gelatin in the broth helps support your overall digestion (xx).

The jelly-like substance gelatin absorbs water and may guard the mucous layer of your digestive tract, helping to heal a leaky gut. In fact, gelatin tannate is a combination of gelatin and tannic acid. Studies show that gelatin tannate improves the gut’s mucus barrier and restores its lining (x). Another study shows gelatin tannate effectively treats chronic diarrhea (x).

Helps Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is your body’s reaction to an irritant, and your body swells up and hurts. The aggravation could be a foreign object like a splinter or a germ. Diseases or medical conditions can also cause inflammation, such as bronchitis and skin disease. Inflammation can become very severe and life-threatening, like septicemia a blood poisoning, which is rare (x).

Inflammation is good for the body when it needs to fight an infection or wound. But chronic inflammation can lead to several health concerns like cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Glycine and arginine are amino acids in beef bone broth that fight chronic inflammation (x).

Glycine has many excellent qualities for keeping your body healthy. Besides having superior anti-inflammatory properties, it boosts the immune system and safeguards your body from injury. Glycine also supports wound healing and treats metabolic disorders (diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease) (x).

Having a cup of beef bone broth every day sounds like a wise choice for better health and a longer life. Talk with your physician any time you start a new supplement.

Promotes Healthy Sleep and Calm Mind

Not being able to sleep well or not getting enough sleep leads to many health concerns, and it makes you feel lousy. Beef bone broth protein powder may help foster a better night’s sleep. Bone broth contains calcium and magnesium, and studies show these two minerals help your body sleep.

The amino acid glycine in the beef bone broth also helps improve sleep quality based on both animal and human studies (x). Glycine also has a calming effect, allowing you to relax when life throws you curve balls. The nonessential amino acid positively affects the central and peripheral nervous system (xx).

Works to Support Immune System

For centuries, mothers gave their children and elderly beef bone broth to increase their body’s resistance to infectious diseases and build up their stamina. Today, it is still an outstanding tonic that keeps you and your family in good health during cold and flu season (x, x).

Some call bone broth an old-fashioned remedy for today, building the body’s immunity. Most broths are nutrient dense, and research shows bone broth can boost the immune system (x).

Another research shows that the high quantity of amino acids in beef bone broth helps boost your immune system. Some listed were arginine, glutamate, hydroxylysine and hydroxyproline (x).

Curbs the Appetite for Weight Loss

Taking beef bone broth 15 to 30 minutes before a meal may help curb cravings for food, assisting with weight loss.

The broth also boosts the metabolism and helps with weight loss because you consume fewer calories. Beef bone broth protein powder offers a low-calorie supplement as a protein-dense nutrient, curbing the appetite (x).

Protein also increases the hormones that make you feel extra energized and full, keeping the hunger pains at bay (x). People on the keto and paleo diet gain vital micronutrients from bone broth protein powder and stabilize their metabolic function.

Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder Side Effects

If you have an interest in adding any new supplement to your diet, talk with your healthcare provider first to see if its right for your body.

In taking beef bone broth protein powder, there are a few side effects that may happen:

  • Upset stomach
  • Increase in bowel movements
  • Bloating
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome triggered

Also, you need to check the source of your bone broth to see if it contains any heavy metals or harsh chemicals. Lead stores in the bones, and if the animals graze in an area heavy with metals, there is a possibility the lead will transfer over to the bone broth.

Some report a concern that bone broth could be high in glutamate. Too much glutamate may be hard on the central nervous system, causing adverse effects like low energy and exhaustion. However, bone broth causing this has no actual scientific proof — just speculation (x).

If fact, a vast amount of commercial food and beverages contain synthetic glutamate, like MSG. Synthetic glutamate exists in many processed foods, like yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, and synthetic flavonoids. (x). If you consume large quantities of synthetic and natural glutamine, it might cause overstimulated nerve cells (x).

Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder Dosage

Discuss your proper beef bone broth protein powder dosage with your physician because the amount depends on your needs and health concerns. As a dietary supplement, the recommendation is 22 grams (about three tablespoons) a day.

Age and diet have also determined the amount of protein your body needs. Talking with your doctor will help you decide what is best.

Where to Buy Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder?

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The Bottom Line

Beef Bone Broth Protein is rich in vitamins and minerals, helping to build and strengthen the bones. It’s a concentrated form of protein that also promotes healthy joints, sustains immune function, aids digestion, supports healthy sleep, helps weight loss, benefits the skin and supports your muscles.

Beef bone broth protein powder comes from dehydrated bone broth liquid. After the conversion process, it becomes a highly nutritious and concentrated powder, standardizing to 90 percent protein.

Because it may seem complicated to get enough of the nutrients, you need drinking beef bone broth or including it in your recipes is an excellent way to get more. The protein powder contains many nutrients, including amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

The protein powder may be just what you need to energize your day for an all-around healthy day.

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Author: BulkSupplements Staff