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NMN Supplement – NMN Powder Anti-Aging Dosage and Side Effects

What is NMN Supplement?

Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) is a natural chemical found in some fruit and vegetables, as well as in the body. The supplement activates the production of the chemical called NAD. NAD is the abbreviation for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and helps the body keep its youthfulness. Both these compounds play an essential role in preventing the aging process of the body, particularly NAD, since the older you get, the less NAD your body produces. (x) 

Adding the supplement NMN to your body may help stop the aging process by activating NAD in the body as well as causing other clinically proven benefits. But, check with your doctor before you start using any kind of supplement.

How does NMN Supplement Work?

As we get older, your body’s NAD levels drop, causing inflammation or prevention of the body from healing or repairing itself. Chronic, low-grade inflammation has the potential to cause aging and death in the elderly.  (x) 

So, keeping the inflammation down throughout your life may help you experience a happy life well into your 100s and beyond. With that, the more NAD in the body causes less inflammation in the system and might be the way to reverse your body from aging. (x)

That is where the NMN supplement comes into play because you need to take the compound to stimulate the NAD in your body, thus reversing the aging process. Clinical studies proved that consuming only NAD is futile in the prevention of your body aging.

In 2016, the first human clinical study of an anti-aging process associated with NMN started in Japan. The study acknowledges the potential benefits of taking the supplement to effectivity promote NAD in your body. (x)

The Story of NMN Supplement

The story of how NMM became a popular supplement is relatively short since the overall benefits are still pretty new to traditional and alternative medical fields. In keeping the development of nicotinamide mononucleotide simple to understand, you only need to know that the compound derives from a well-known supplement called niacin. 

In clinical studies on mice, NMN enters cells through the small intestines and, in less than 10 minutes, converts to NAD, and thus the anti-aging process begins as well as other health benefits. (x) 

Another interesting result from the study is that older mice responded to the benefits more compared to the younger mice since older mice lacked NAD, and younger ones generated their own NAD. The vital aspect to understand is that giving NAD supplements to an older body does not reverse aging. The reversal process begins when NMN is in the body and converts to NAD.

The Fountain of Youth

The release of the scientific findings on how the NMN supplement spikes the NAD in the bodies of mice hit the newspaper and magazine headlines, calling the discovery the “fountain of youth.”

The study reported that old mice became young, energetic, and thinner when given the compound. Thus, you can reverse your aging process by taking the supplement. (x) Though you should discuss taking any supplements with your doctor.

NMN Supplement Benefits

Based on scientific studies of administering low doses of NMN in mice over a long period, the following benefits may be possible for you.

  • Reduce Body Weight

A long-term scientific study noted that when mice consumed the NMN supplement proved to lower their body weight up to 9% of the original body weight. Meaning a person at 250 pounds might lose up to 22.5 pounds if they take the supplement over some time. (x)

  • Increased Energy and Better Mitochondrial Function

The NMN supplement also increases the production of mitochondria, a major urinary protein, that causes the energy in the body. In mice, it increases their energy as well as their metabolism, meaning the compound stimulates the increased production of mitochondria, which can burn calories. (x)

With the positive effects of lowering the body weight and the fact that the supplement increases your body’s metabolism by improving the energy production of mitochondria makes a strong connection for using NMN as an overall weight management supplement.

  • Less Stimulation of Aging Genes

Researchers noted that both NMM and NAD working together stimulate the longevity gene SIRT-1 while suppressing oxidization that causes aging. (x) Studies indicate that SIRT-1 customarily activates when the body undergoes a calorie-restricted diet.

During a low-calorie diet, a profusion of free radicals oxidizes, causing significant levels of inflammation in the body. As a result, SIRT 1 activates in the body to protect the body’s DNA and cells from the oxidation process, lessening the overall inflammation. The process helps extend the life of your body cells, which is supported by experts to assist longevity. (x) 

  • Reduce Cholesterol and Triglycerides

In the same lengthy study with mice, researchers discovered that when mice consumed a much higher dose of NMN it lowered their cholesterol and triglyceride levels. (x) Normally, when the triglyceride levels are high, between 150 and 199 or more, your cholesterol is high, causing diseases related to the cardiovascular system. Being able to keep triglyceride levels below 150 is conducive to your overall health. (x)

Since the NMN supplement creates positive effects on triglycerides, it naturally produces a positive impact on bettering insulin sensitivity. With improved insulin sensitivity means less diabetes, even in heavier mice the compound improved the insulin sensitivity. (x)

  • Improvement of Immune System Function

Another positive finding in taking NMN supplements is that mice, when treated with the supplement, developed a stronger immune system function. Having a more robust immune system means you have fewer infections and fewer diseases like cancer. Research indicates the immune system plays a vital role in preventing cancer and other diseases. (x)

  • Eyesight Improvement

Don’t throw away your glasses yet, but a long-term study reports mice given the NMN supplement showed improvement in their retinas and older mice with dry eyes symptoms, an ailment in the elderly, had noticeably reduced. (x)

  • Improve Muscle and Bone Density

The mice treated with the supplement also showed signs of increasing strength in their muscles and bones. NMN suppressed the 513 genes responsible for the loss of muscle and bone density caused by growing old. (x)

What is the correct NMN supplement dosage? 

Whenever you consider taking a new supplement, you should consult your doctor and determine if the supplement is right for your body. Keeping that in mind, a recent study conducted on NMN supplement benefits determined a daily dose of 250mg on an empty stomach is helpful to the body with immediate results. (x)

Side Effects of NMN Supplement

With any relatively new supplement, there are concerns about side effects. So far, scientific studies have not shown any alarming or conclusive side effects connected with using this supplement.

The only strong complaint about the nicotinamide mononucleotide is the inconsistency in the effectiveness, but that happens in the developing stages of a new supplement. Of course, you should consult your doctor about taking this supplement, particularly if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Bottom Line

Nicotinamide mononucleotide is a natural element in your body that stimulates the production of another component called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Both NMN and NAD play a vital role in preventing the aging process. Predominantly NAD, since the older you get, the less potential your body has to produce NAD. That is where the NMN supplement may help since, when consumed by mice, it stimulates the NAD in the lower intestines immediately.

As a result, the supplement is coined the “fountain of youth,” and the body’s aging process slows down and reverses itself. Not only have studies proved the validity of the anti-aging process, but the NMN supplement may also help prevent or treat other diseases such as cancer, heart and diabetes. In 2016, a group of scientists began the first clinical study with humans on the positive effects of taking NMN supplements. Though the effectiveness of NMN is still in the early stages, more and more reports validate the efficacy of the supplement.  

The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

By Kenna McHugh

Author: James D