Maltodextrin Gains in Unexpected Places

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin may seem like just an ordinary product to you, I mean after all, you can find it in candy and packaged foods as a sweetener.  Many people may just jot it down in their brains as a fluffy “fake” sugar that companies use to add sweetness without actually having to put the word “sugar” on the label.  It is not only more than that, but Maltodextrin can also be a powerful tool for muscle mass gains and even gaining lean mass!

When I got maltodextrin in the mail, I told my family about its amazing benefits and their response was “how is that a supplement, it’s just an artificial sweetener?!”.  The fact of the matter here is that a body trying to gain muscle needs carbohydrates, or else it will start consuming the muscle it builds. This is undoubtedly a common problem that many people may run into over their life.

This is where Maltodextrin comes in, as it is derived from grains and is a complex carbohydrate.  Nowadays, more often than not, sweeteners that are similar are only simple carbs.  To put it in layman’s terms: simple carbs = simple nutrition and complex carbs = better nutrition.  The energy you get from a simple carbohydrate will go right through you and make you hungry right away, while a true complex carbohydrate will stick with you and release energy at a slower pace throughout the day.

Benefits of Maltodextrin

In the process of muscle building, often your body wants to heal the small injuries that certain exercises, like weightlifting and resistance training, can cause.  In order for your body to do this healing properly it needs some sort of energy.  If it does not get this energy right away from carbs, the body will seek other methods of getting its much needed fuel.  This means the muscle mass that you worked so hard to build will slowly start going away.  This is a common issue which is often overlooked in the popular keto diet trend.

Additionally, if you take something like Whey Protien, you will need some sort of carbohydrate to prevent the whey from digesting too quickly.  While it is meant to be digested quickly, if it is taken alone with minimal or no carbohydrates, a lot of it will be wasted and converted to energy.

Gains with Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is one of the cleanest carbohydrates that you can supplement with on the market.  This allows scientifically minded workout enthusiasts, like myself, to weigh out both macronutrients and micronutrients with pinpoint accuracy.  This awesome product contains no trace of vitamins or minerals so that you can confidently maintain balance without having a carbohydrate that may interrupt your diet plan. In essence, you can say that this basically makes Maltodextrin pure energy in a bag.

Therefore the widely accepted rule is that if you are on a reasonable cut cycle, these are the steps you should follow depending on what your goal is:

  1. Leaning Formula: you should match your whey in a proportion of 1g of carbohydrates to 1g of protein, this is your lean formula, and when on a
  2. Bulking Formula: you can kick it up 2g of Maltodextrin to 1g of protein for some serious, perhaps not so lean, gains.

If you are a hard gainer like me, these complex carbs are really critical.  You can look at commercially available mass gainers on the market and pick out the ones with 800-1200kcal per serving they are little more than Maltodextrin and Whey Isolate along with some flavors, colors and maybe some free aminos to pad the “protein” content a bit, so the question becomes, why put all of that into yourself when you have access to Whey Isolate (or concentrate) from Bulk Supplements as well as Maltodextrin to make a cleaner, better more personalized mass gainer tuned to your own personal needs?


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Author: Conner Craig