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6 Ways to Promote Healthy Glucose Levels with Diabetes

Living with diabetes isn’t easy, as the frequent blood sugar level spikes are taking a toll on your life. If you have diabetes, you can’t agree more about how daunting it is to monitor the sugar levels every day and keep an eye on what you are eating to maintain healthy glucose levels.

Here are the five ways that you should follow to attain an optimal blood sugar level.

Don’t Sit, and Show Some Action.

If you are sitting the entire day and not exercising even for 30 minutes, it can be hard to take charge of the blood sugar levels. Exercising regularly helps you cut down weight while increasing insulin sensitivity.

When you follow an exercise regime religiously, your cells will start consuming the glucose or sugar available in the bloodstream, and there is no chance of a sudden hike in the glucose levels.

Keep a blood sugar level monitor handy all the time, and check the levels before and after exercising you will see a significant difference, and it depends on how much time you spend exercising and how much sugar is consumed by the cells.

Water Is Your Best Friend

Drinking water or staying hydrated all day long will help promote healthy glucose levels. Apart from preventing dehydration, drinking loads of water will flush out the toxicants and excessive sugar through the kidney.

Here is a study that proves that drinking water will help you curtail the glucose levels naturally, and therefore you can promote healthy glucose levels even with diabetes.

An important note: Don’t drink gallons of water as it can be harmful to your health. Drink 8-10 glasses every day, and if you are a woman, you can reduce the count.

Eat Right for Healthy Glucose Levels

The level of glucose in the bloodstream depends on what you eat. There can be a sudden spike or dip in the glucose levels if you eat something which you shouldn’t. Diabetic people should consume nuts, whole grains, mild spices like cinnamon to promote healthy glucose levels.

None of these foods contains sugars, so they are healthy to incorporate into your diet. A study claimed that cinnamon intake could drop the glucose levels in the bloodstream, so it’ll help you maintain an optimal balance.

Quality Sleep is What You Need

Poor sleep quality can affect insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels. You should bid goodbye to the poor sleeping habits like waking up late at night, as it is doing nothing but worsening your condition.

Furthermore, deprivation of sleep increases cortisol levels and prevents the growth of healthy hormones. Good quality sleep is indispensable to prevent the insulin sensitivity from getting hampered; when everything in the body works fine, the glucose levels will be under control.

Shed Some Weight

Shedding some extra pounds won’t just make you slim and good, but also it will help you promote healthy glucose levels. Losing the extra weight will promote healthy glucose levels while curtailing the chances of worsening diabetes.

Be more conscious about your waistline as it should be in the right range i.e., 40 inches or less if you are a man, and 35 inches or less if you are a woman.

An increased waistline can act as a catalyst in increasing the insulin resistance, so the body will stop using the glucose present in the bloodstream.

Achieving a healthy waist measurement will help you achieve healthy glucose levels, improving the quality of life significantly.

Taking a Natural Supplement will Help

Taking a natural supplement will act as a catalyst, and you will get better results by following the aforementioned ways to promote healthy glucose levels. There are some popular all-natural supplements available such as Berberine, which you can use to control the blood sugar levels naturally.

Furthermore, there are some other health-related benefits associated with sleep supplements, so it’ll be a win-win to use it while exercising and keeping an eye on your diet.

Healthy Glucose Levels Takeaway!

Here are the six natural ways that you can follow to promote healthy glucose levels. No matter which age group you belong to, you can adopt these ways to stay healthy. Don’t forget to check the blood sugar levels regularly to ensure that they are under control. Lastly, be patient and wait for the results. It’s high time to take charge over your life and improve it considerably.

Author: James D