Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps Extract

What is Cordyceps? Where does it come from? How do I take it? Why do I need it? I’m here to tell you all about this wondrous fungus, its benefits, and why you should try it just keep reading!

The History Of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a mushroom from Asia, also known as the caterpillar mushroom.  This fungus grows in the wild on caterpillars and eventually consumes it’s host.  Do not worry though, it won’t consume you, quite the opposite in fact!  Long ago some astute individuals noticed wild animals eating it and became interested.  They began to harvest it and use it as a tonic for livestock to increase milk production. In the spirit of playing it safe, it took a little while before people started consuming Cordyceps, but making goats and cows produce more milk was just the tip of the iceberg for this amazing mushroom.

Rather than just eat the rare and exotic mushroom by seeking it out in an Asian market or getting a dried version, Bulk Supplements offers a Cordyceps Extract that is easy to use, store, and portion out.  This is definitely the preferable option for almost anybody looking to reap it’s awesome benefits. Speaking of those, here are just a few of them:

How does it work?

Cordyceps helps increase athletic performance by giving you an extra boost at the gym, and also helps out your immune system with its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Additionally, it is an adaptogen herb which means it will help your body make the hormones it needs. In its entirety, we know that the entire hormone system thrives off of being balanced.  So, letting your body choose instead of mixing and matching can benefit in these two ways: increasing energy levels, and reducing stress levels to stave off of fatigue naturally. This also what gave Cordyceps the nickname Himalayan Viagra, which for the sake of keeping things safe for work I won’t get too deep into.

In addition to all of these great health benefits and more that I have as of yet not mentioned, some studies have shown Cordyceps to be hostile towards cancerous tumors.  They show that this is due to all of the beneficial behind the scenes action that the fungus causes in the immune and hormonal systems.

How I use Cordyceps

Given my lifestyle, my main use for Cordyceps is for its athletic benefits. In mere days, I was seeing a noted improvement at the gym as I was gaining slightly more muscle. From my personal experience, I can say that Cordyceps certainly gave me a boost, and whether you are looking for high reps or high weight, the action that Cordyceps takes has you covered.  I have seen it help balance your system and give you what you need for the gym and daily life! For me, it means pushing and pulling more weight around which when combined with a few other great Bulk Supplements offerings, means a larger size and faster gains! Even if you want to be more toned, Cordyceps has your back.

Cordyceps is rarely harvested in the wild now, bypassing the creepy crawlies in favour of a reliable lab environment and a consistent substrate. This has reduced prices and made the end product cleaner and easier to obtain but how do you take it? Is it another one of those foul tasting powders that you need to plug your nose and choke down? Painstakingly put it into capsules perhaps?

Actually no! I personally just stir a couple of teaspoons of Cordyceps into my coffee in the morning, it soaks right into the hot liquid and offers a very pleasant caramel flavor to my brew. Tastes great and is great for you!

Why you should try Cordyceps

If you aren’t sold on Cordyceps yet, it also has from benefits for those of us who aren’t young and spry gym goers! I am choosing to mention this last as I cannot speak from experience, however many studies have shown that Cordyceps could very well have anti aging properties and help out with heart health by lowering LDL or your “Bad Cholesterol”;definitely a boon when it comes to extending your lifespan and youth-span. It has also been proven to assist with managing insulin levels for anyone suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.  Of course, I am not in any way advocating going off of your medicine for a serious disease in favor of a supplement, however if you are the type who would like to give yourself all the help you can get, adding Cordyceps to your daily routine may greatly benefit you!

Conner Craig


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Author: Conner Craig