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The Best Pet Vitamins and Supplements


You take your supplements every day to stay fit and healthy. But what about Fido and Fluffy?

Here are our favorite supps to keep your fuzzy buds in optimal health for walks, cuddles, and endless rounds of fetch.**


If your furry friend is a nervous nelly, try these anxiety supplements for dogs and cats.

Cats might love Valerian root even more than catnip! Its sweet scent can keep your kitty happy and relaxed in stressful environments.

L-tryptophan has been shown to reduce anxiety and aggressive behavior in dogs by regulating serotonin and melatonin, the “feel-good” chemicals that keep them calm.


Veterinarians cite skin disease as one of the most common issues they see in their furry patients. Despite what the name suggests, omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly beneficial to your pet’s health! They combat inflammation and environmental irritants like allergens, helping your critter maintain healthy fur and skin.


Just like people, pets need coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to stay healthy. This potent antioxidant supports cardiovascular and immune function, and could help maintain optimal digestion.


No one wants to see their pet in pain. Vets recommend giving cats, dogs, and even horses glucosamine sulfate potassium and chondroitin sulfate to relieve hip and joint pain and inflammation. These supplements may also help repair and strengthen tissue, which is especially important for aging pets.

**Always talk to your vet about dosing and safety before giving your pet supplements.

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